Tech makerspace for Christmas

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors Tappetina and Trondheim Science Centre, we were able to invite 20 kids and parents to a technological and creative maker space right before Christmas. Our host for the night, girl geek, and entrepreneur Evelina Bruno, introduced the program for the evening.


First, the kids got to know the story behind the storyline of Tappetina. Tappetina is a girl who is saving the world by the use of algorithms. For more information on the project, check out



Evelina Bruno thaught us all we needed to know about circuit design. Both parallel and series design, as well as creative placements of on/off button, cobber tape, batteries, and LED-lights.


Moving on to the makerspace, the kids got all the equipment they could dream of with papers, LED-lights, glue, magazines and old news papers, glitter and glam. The results was inspiring. Se some examples below: